Offshore Interview

Interviewed on Offshore. Thank you Kanako-san =)

The English version of the interview below:

──Why did you start Casual Poet? before starting Casual Poet, what were you doing?

I started casual poet (as a cafe) because I wanted to have my own space to explore some of my own interests, including design, photography and so on. later on the cafe closed and casual poet evolved into casual poet culture, the name under which i do activities like photography and creative direction. Before starting casual poet I was in university, studying english literature.

──How many staffs in Casual Poet?

It's one-person operation, but I often work with collaborators from various creative fields =)

──About printed magazine. How did you find contributors and photographers? And about website. Are the all of articles are written by Rebecca?

I usually seek out people I admire and email them directly, inviting them to write for / contribute to the magazine. Most of them have been very willing to help =) Others found us on their own. Such is the amazing connectedness between all of us these days

──Casual Poet have many ways to express. Podcast, articles, photographs, and so on. Why are you launching various ways?

One reason is that I am a person with many interests, and I think that's reflected in casual poet culture as well. As for the radio program, it was a happy accident because I had a friend working at the radio station, and they were looking for someone to take over a slot so i was given the chance to host my own radio program. As for casual days, the magazine, i think it's a great way to express what casual poet culture is about, which is a certain way - a more laid-back, easy way - of looking at life.

──Do you have a plan to issue next printed magazine?

Yes, hopefully issue 2nd will come out in dec 2012.

──What do you think about creativity in Singapore?

I think singapore is growing, creatively speaking. I see more and more interesting things happening in our city now, as compared to some 4 or 5 years ago. It's still very far from Japan or Berlin or NYC or Portland. But we are moving forward and people's minds are opening, which is very important.

──Why do you issue Casual Days magazine independently?

We had a few like-minded sponsors/advertisers in our first issue, and hope to work with a few more in our upcoming issue. as for publishing independently, well it gives me the freedom to bring the magazine in any direction i want, which is wonderful =)


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