don't forget your shining dream

My contribution to the Good Sweat project by Neighbourgoods: 莫忘初衷!


"One of my favourite lines in a song goes like this, 'don't forget back in the day, your shining dream.' For those of us who are chasing our dreams, sometimes we may lose sight of what it is we had set out to fight for in the first place. I chose this phrase 莫忘初衷 as a reminder to never forget that magical feeling you have when you first embarked on your dream! Never forget as well how it feels to be young and passionate and alive!"

About Good Sweat

Good Sweat #2-6 is a series of 5 handkerchiefs, 5 designs, 5 inspirations, by 5 creatives with Neighbourgoods.

They are available for S$30 each, or S$28 if you pre-order and collect on 29 November at the launch. To pre-order, write to Profits will go to a charity.

Good Sweat is an old-fashioned reminder that what matters is not the scale of the work or its reward, but to take care and to take pride in whatever we do. Good Sweat also celebrates the spirit of those who persist, however humble or challenging their job may be, in perfecting their craft.


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