Featured on the new issue of the wonderful SLO.

An excerpt from the interview:

You like taking pictures: how do you manage to capture these atmospheres?
For me, photography is a way to capture the things we are about to lose through time. So I try to capture these moments, hoping that I can accurately record them the way I perceive/experience them. To do so, I often resort to certain techniques, like editing of colours. This tweaking - this trying to arrive at a certain atmosphere - is, to me, a very enjoyable part of photography.

Tell us about your workspace.
My workspace is made up of furniture salvaged from other places or entirely hand-made. I think it's very important for the space I work in to look and feel a certain way, or else I would feel very uninspired. I like wooden furniture and so I fill up my workspace with them. When I am not working, I usually try to keep my workspace neat and tidy, because mess drives me crazy sometimes. I also like to collect books and magazines, so my workspace is quite full of them.

What is your "slowest" moment in the day?
My favourite slow moment of the day is at 6 in the evening, when the light is at its most sublime and the day is about to slip away. I usually try not to work at that time so I can enjoy the brief window of magical evening light as much as I can. Sometimes, I go to a park or take a drive or simply stare out of the window, amazed that this beautiful light arrives every single day, without fail.


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