bright lights & promises

as a photographer one has to constantly observe the light – its strength, its angle, its temperament. if you are lucky enough to stumble upon good light (and this happens a few times a day) you must immediately seize the moment. if you have a camera with you you must of course squeeze the shutter and listen to it go “clack” before you can let go, before you can let your eyes wander away. if you don’t have a camera then you must close your eyes and memorize, with your senses, that feeling of being there, in the light, with the light.

i can’t tell you how much i enjoy the light of eight in the morning and six in the evening. the best things to do at those times include cruising on the highway and sitting in a park, preferably with a loved one. because the light will illuminate his or her face and it will allow you to notice certain details that had originally escaped you. in fact the light will make you fall in love again. and again.

so you see, falling in love is important, because in the absence of love is numbness. it is impossible to be a photographer if you are numb. you have to be alive. a flower must be more than a flower. a toe must be more than a toe. a raindrop must be more than a raindrop. once you can grasp that you will immediately become a better photographer.


September 28, 2013 at 10:14 PM Unknown said...

I read and enjoyed Pauline McLynns "Summer In the City" and "Missing you already" and adored them. This book "Bright Lights and promises" did not have the same feel and I could not care about the Characters to the point of not finishing it. To see more info please visit