Rooms are where most things happen: violence, tenderness, confessions, promises, death. But rooms, at the same time, are more than just an environment, a stage set. Rooms are incubators of meaning, and that is mostly because of what they tell us about you. The way you arrange your tables or decorate your wall. The color of your sheets. The hue of your table. The angle at which light enters your room.

So it's all about the meaning. Which is why you buy only certain books and place these certain books on certain shelves. It's because you want to create meaning.

What is meaning, you ask, and I say, look at yourself. You are meaning. Every little thing that you do or own or say, that is you, and at the same time that is the meaning of everything.

That's why God or A Great Thinking Machine or The Random Universe put us here.

To understand that there is a significance in EVERYTHING.

That's all I am trying to say tonight.


July 22, 2012 at 10:20 AM z said...

Somehow I'm reminded of this project by Satomi Shirai -