Seoul: Exteriors

It's been months since I left Seoul, but I still remember that one particularly chilly morning we spent sitting outside one of the cafes drinking coffee and taking photographs and sighing, isn't this wonderful? And I thought, no, you look wonderful. And this - this life with you, these slow lazy overwhelming days - now this is what I think is wonderful.

That wasn't a moment, and this is what is so crucial. There are so many moments - outside that cafe on that cold weekday morning in Seoul, in supermarkets, on your car, or even in the messages you carelessly send to me via Whatsapp - that sustain themselves, that live long after they are supposed to expire. This is, I hope, a love story made up of a thousand, million ordinary moments that build up to something special.

And that, I think, is our future.

I guess it's okay to hope, even if against hope.