playlist for casual poet (radio 1003) / 2011.09.11

Glass In The Park - Alex Turner
回不去的旅人 - 棉花糖
我心中尚未崩坏的地方 - 五月天
There Has To Be A Reason - Pete Roe
好久不見 - Eason Chen
If I Could Split - Kite Flying Society
Wilhelms Scream - James Blake
Day After Tomorrow (cover of Tom Waits) - Grand Hallway
Day After Tomorrow - Tom Waits
那些年 - 胡夏
噓 - 何韻詩
Lua - Bright Eyes
Consider Yourself Absolved - The Stationary Set
The Backseat - Oh No! Oh My!
Groundflower - Kite Flying Society
Cemetary Song - Jon Aver
In the Winter - Janis Ian

My apologies for failing to put up the playlist for the longest time!

I will also be on air this Saturday, 18/9, covering for dong's jazz programme 漫遊urbanite. See you on radio 1003, 10pm-12am! (If you want to listen, it is possible to download the radio 1003 app from the iphone app store. alternatively you can tune in online via the website.)