Seismic Things

What is the significance of everything we do in life? Slogging. Eating. Trying. Slipping. Wishing. Waiting. Leaving. Learning. Coping. Dreaming. And, eventually, of course, dying.

In moving forward we sometimes understand. Just as how I can finally understand - partially, at least - the significance of some of my earlier decisions. Because so much of life makes sense only in retrospection. Moving forward, and then looking back: this awkward force of heading in two opposite directions is nevertheless the only reason why we make peace with ourselves at the end of the day.

Anyway, there is no going back. Time travel is out of the question. Nor is teleportation. We are stuck in our bodies, in our time. Although life these days is often touted to be super-mobile, we are nevertheless trapped. I might sound pessimistic, but I am not. I'm merely stating the facts: sometimes we have to accept that we are not invincible beings.

Merely human.

Easily destructible.

We feel our brains rewiring themselves. It feels almost like a tangible movement, our brains shifting, ever so imperceptibly, inside our fragile heads. I can feel myself changing. But that's not surprising - we are always changing, always subject to so many external factors. The weather. Our friends. Our fluctuating emotional needs. Hunger. It goes on.

So what am I saying exactly? I'm not so sure myself. I guess I just want to keep moving. And keep moving.


August 12, 2011 at 5:14 AM Jaimi said...

I always love your writing. So honest, thoughtful and eloquent.
I find myself contemplating this from time to time. The best answer I came up with being is not so much involving the answers to why or how, but rather, "Why not?"

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