quick update

Not a week passes without people asking me to revive Casual Poet. The truth is I do hope to bring it back very soon, but in a rather different format... Working on it!

Anyway, I have been so busy lately. By busy I mean I have been covering alot of distance. In the middle of all the writing and meetings and radio show recordings I also managed to shift to a new place. I wish I could have an open house - invite all these strangers who have written me, spend a night getting to know them, etc. We might become fast friends. But it might be a little awkward too.

Another update: bought a macbook air. Almost became a windows convert over the last few years simply because it's so fuss-free. Now I have to make sure I don't scratch my pristine perfect little macbook air. Sigh...

One last thing - I will be taking over Ah Dong's jazz music programme '漫遊urbanite' this saturday (and next week), 10pm onwards, because he's in Seoul. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun playing some of my favourite jazz numbers.

See you guys on air! (need to go have dinner)