making a magazine

(Blackforest Fire by Vanessa Ban)

the idea of 'casual days' came to me a long time ago. back then we still had a cafe and i was still wiping tables and washing dishes all day long. everyday i spent hours and hours of my life in the store, which at that time seemed like a glass house that was both protecting me from the harshness of the outside world and nurturing and nourishing my dreams and silly desires.

there we met people from everywhere, who walked into the store armed with all sorts of stories. once a man came in on a hot afternoon and told us about his life. by the time he left i felt ready to burst into tears.

that was just one story, but there were many others, and over time i felt like i had to collect them all. the people who came to us in the store were artists, photographers, writers, activists, business-owners, musicians, actresses, designers, travelers. one of them was a millionaire who had earned enough to retire before he was 30.

everyone had a different dream, but for some reason it has always felt like we were on the same tangent. we are the same sort of people, i suppose. what sort, i can't exactly say, but indeed we seem to come from the same place.

'casual days' is a print magazine that will be about 'everyday human experiences'. maybe it's a little more than that, because it's difficult having to categorize something so human and fluid. we have invited submissions from our friends. they are, like i have mentioned before, 'artists, photographers, writers, activists, business-owners, musicians, actresses, designers, travelers', and they have contributed stories, recollections - of heartbreak, wanderlust, hope.

yes, thank god for hope.

i am working to get it out as soon as possible. just a little more, just a little more, before we hit the end of the line..... in the meantime, we are on air every sunday talking about the things that matter to us (tune in to radio 1003, sundays, 10pm - 12 midnight).