cooperative working

'cooperative working' - the idea that different groups of people share the same working space - is not in fact a new concept, but it's certainly becoming a very popular idea these days, especially amongst the creative community.

in cities all over the world - NYC, Hong Kong, Vancouver, even Singapore - we are seeing extremely talented and resourceful people get together in shared spaces, and the result is interesting. a new type of community is formed, resources are shared and maximized, creative output increases, there is more dialogue and more cross-collaboration, etc. the benefits can be endless (not that there won't be problems, but that's a topic for another day).

the old paradigm of work, with its conventional meetings and static office environments, can be really counter-productive and uninspiring, so what i think is, it wouldn't hurt for more companies and organizations to try on this interesting new way of working for size.

i have written a little article about one such co-op working community in Shanghai for the Asia travel/lifestyle website Monday Flying.

'The idea of a cooperative work space is basically a rethinking of what an ‘office space’ traditionally means. Gone are the days of being intra-connected with only the people in your own company. This is an age of being super-connected to an endlessly expanding network of contacts from all over the world. So to rent a space in Xindanwei is to be part of an open community that shares networks, ideas, resources, information, knowledge and even inspiration freely with each other.'

the full article here.


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