'casual days' on radio / playlist for 16 jan 2010

this week we talked about how to live slow. will upload some extracts sometime soon!

this week's playlist:

愛﹗愛﹗愛﹗- 巴奈
People - Message
我喜歡﹐不我愛 - 嚴爵
I Don't Love You Anyway - at17
Downtown Cafe - 魏如萱
早點回家 - 蘇打綠
Victor, Fly Me to Stafford - My Little Airport
咖啡館 - 1976
寂寞考 - 盧廣仲
Time of Rebirth - The Observatory
哈拉全年無休 - 拜金小姐
慢歌3 - Cheer Chen
消失的光年 - 大喬小喬
綠色的日子 - 黃玠
可風 - 黃建為
朋友之歌 - 雀斑
我的思念 - 小娟與山谷里的居民
電車上的情侶 - 陳珊妮


January 17, 2011 at 7:47 AM kate said...

Was this in the order they were played? I want to know the title of an old-ish melancholy song you played near the start of the program?

I love the songs you play on the prog!