being there

some feelings you never forget, like the day we rode a bike down the roads of Hat Yai, with the wind streaming across my face as the sun set, a light blue, with a tinge of orange-yellow at the horizon. there was a breeze, a gentle one that touched our skin briefly, calmly. it was a moment that i didn't want to forget. i remember telling myself to grab those feelings and never let them go, but i knew they wouldn't last. they would exist for the entire duration of the journey, and maybe a little while after that, then they would disperse, and i would go back to square one, again.

but maybe what's important is that i was on that bike, and i was on that road, and i was traveling along it as the day wound down, and i saw that beautiful blue light for myself and felt that kind, soft breeze on my face. that is the most important thing: i was there. no one can rob me of that memory, those feelings, even if i can only taste them most vaguely now.

i just want to be there again, wherever 'there' is. again and again, and then to come back only to wish to go back again.