2011: a year of living better

these are my 6 new year resolutions for 2011 - well, maybe not so much resolutions as rules that i want to remind myself to follow. i believe these rules will help me to live a more conscious and much healthier life. yes, 2011 is almost certainly the year of living better.

1. be sure
it's a little hard to explain this but i want very much to be surer of myself and my decisions. i think it's only when i am sure that i can move forward without fear or confusion.

2. live with passion
it's my belief that a life without passion is meaningless. we need to feel for something - someone, some idea, some dream - even if it is silly, impractical, seemingly unachievable. we need to believe in something with a certain amount of devotion. it is this powerful emotion that will drive us to make something of our lives.

3. do my best at everything i do
the truth is we can always do better, because most of the time we are simply not putting 100% effort into the things we do. we procrastinate or we settle for doing slip-shod work, and when the result is disappointing we hate ourselves. the solution is to do our best at everything we do. put in the effort, clock in the hours, do the hard work. then success might finally come to seem far more likely than failure.

4. always look deep inside myself for guidance
yes, the inner map that exists in all of us. it's just too bad that we (including society, our parents, the people around us) often choose to ignore it. this inner map is really, i think, a highly intuitive and complicated cross-section of all our desires, interests, our strange fascination towards certain topics, our preferences for particular ideas.... if we allow ourselves to veer towards these things naturally, as if we were pushed down-stream on a river, doors will open along the way, we will meet crucial people, and we will eventually get to where we need to be. or at least that's what i firmly believe in.

5. work with love
have you ever had to work on something inexplicable boring and dry and mundane because you are paid to do it? on the other hand, have you ever worked on a personal project simply because it's fun and enjoyable? a project you could work on happily even if no one is paying you a dime? do you notice the difference? then you understand the power of doing something you love, and pouring love into the things you do. in short: we have to stop doing things we hate to do!

6. make things happen
the essence is to 'do', to put into action the things we want to do, to get off the bed or the couch and make that call or type that email or talk to that important person. make things happen, not dream of making things happen.

alright, that about sums it up. what about you? what do you want your 2011-self to be like?


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