cow books

i wrote a little something about tokyo bookstore cow books for the asian travel/lifestyle website Monday Flying.

'For a city like Tokyo, it is indeed not difficult to find great bookstores, but the true allure of Cow Books is co-founder Yataro Matsuura, who brings to the bookstore a sort of creative spirit that is hard to put into words.

This is how the story goes. As a young man, Matsuura left Japan for America, where he did odd jobs for a living. Later, he discovered his flair for seeking out books that people were surprisingly interested in buying. Travelling back and forth between Japan and America, Matsuura found a niche for himself – buying and selling good books. He eventually started Cow Books, became an editor, and later a well-respected writer. Today, Matsuura is one of the main movers and shakers of Japan’s cultural scene.'

go here for the full article.


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