the monocle shop, hong kong (seasonal shop)

Monocle, the ever-popular magazine edited by Wallpaper founder Tyler Brule, has opened a seasonal shop in Hong Kong. housed in Lane Crawford, the store is open from 15 April to 23 May and features expectedly yummy Monocle goodies - back issues of the magazine, a special Monocle-d edition of the Blackberry, Monocle-branded bags, as well as a slew of products that came out of collaborations with top brands such as Commes des Garçons, Bill Amberg and Porter, among others.

if you happen to be in Hong Kong these couple of weeks, do make us jealous by dropping by the Monocle shop. don't forget your wallet though..... (and if you're super-lucky, you might even bump into the super-hot Tyler Brule himself???)

actually, fans of the magazine in Hong Kong can also look forward to a permanent Monocle retail store in the very near future, as Monocle prepares itself for a new bureau in the city, which will most probably come attached with a shop!


Shop 126, 88 Queensway
Admiralty, Hong Kong


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