we caught the meteor shower together through the phone. when it was 2am, i started to get impatient. i thought the meteor shower would never start. i lay on the breakwater and watched the darkness unfold ahead of me. i could see some lights - there were ships in the distance. you were at home in Telok Blangah, on your bed.

before that, everytime i went to the beach, i thought of you.

after that, everytime i went to the beach, i thought of you.


i know D from awhile ago. i have always felt a strange connection with him, not necessarily because we have spent alot of time together, but mostly because of his photographs. and the music he likes. and the words he writes. some things can't be explained, like this strange sense of familiarity with him. i just know that the frequency is alarmingly the same.

i remember the first time i went on his programme for an interview. the 1003 studio was bathed in a dim light, and D was doing his DJ thing. he is good-looking in a comfortable way. he isn't threatening like all the other good-looking guys out there. he is a gentle, kind soul, with a sort of sensibility that draws strangers to him. i think that's why he hosts the late night shows on radio. he's got a voice that belongs to the quiet melancholy of the night. and listening to him, you know you're safe.


awhile back, we went over to H's place smack right in the middle of Little India, surrounded by prata shops and indian grocery stores.

in his apartment, he handed us a stack of photographs.

"this is my private collection," he said, and so we sat there and looked through all of his photographs. he let us browse through his Hiromix book. he took photos of us. he made some really good latte for us. i thought of the book that he had just published, and how he sold his expensive camera to make this whole book happen, and about the unrequited longing he has for this girl...... and i look at his quiet, stuffy apartment, bursting with books and things and momentoes and clothes, and a sort of bitter loneliness invades me.


again and again, i am reminded that it's the people we meet that matters. maybe sometimes it's about the location, maybe sometimes it's about the perfect timing, but nothing beats meeting the right people.

i am overwhelmed by all these stories, and this desire to understand these few people that i meet in my life.