infographics is endlessly sexy.

Nicholas Felton has an inspired knack for compiling the quirky details of his personal life into charts, graphs and tabular information which he calls the Annual Reports. looking at these statistical reports, you gain a sort of rare insight into one man's life.

for instance, by the end of 2006, he'd played 26,0599 tracks on his itunes. he had also traveled 30,724 airmiles and spent 304 days in Manhattan.

not that useful, but informative nevertheless, and so good-looking.

some of his editorial work below:

what's more, Felton also co-started the website Daytum which allows you to generate your daily personal statistics into some very sexy data, infographics-style.

i'm impressed and in love, i could stare at these graphs and charts all day (i wish i knew about these back when we had to do compulsory mathematics in school, it'd have made the subject much more bearable).

(click images to view large)

* Nicholas Felton


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