winners of the "little note" DVD giveaway contest

we've picked the winners for the "little note" contest, and they are.......

"Sorry I had a little taste of the bitter stick and filled my lungs with white. I exhaled my problems but it didn't make it alright.

You were my Jesse James and I was the Sundance kid,I know that we've lost a lot of trust,

A whole lot of little bit."







like how it used to be,
but this will be the ending note.

my prayers left unanswered,
i'm shattered.

灯火阑珊处 原来只是一个假如
let the unknowns be unknown,
what we've left behind is long gone.


你的婚礼 我的祝福

i will be missing you, nevertheless."

we will be dropping the winners an email with more info about how to collect the DVD. check your mailboxes ;)

as for the rest, thank you for writing the little notes, it was wonderful reading through them!


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