"Motto is a distribution company originally based in Switzerland, which now opened its first physical outlet in Berlin. The catalogue comprises many magazines, books and independent publications ranging from art, photography, architecture, illustration, design to fashion, …"

more nerdy eye-candy:

and the best thing:

"Selected publishers available in MOTTO BERLIN:

A Prior, Acne Paper, Adbusters, Afterall, Anatitude, ANP, Apartamento, Aperture, Archivo, Argo Books, Arkitip, Art Forum, Art Review, B42, Back Cover, Basso, Bidoun, Bigg Boss, Blinspot, Boa, Butt, Bypass, Cabinet, Capricious, Casa Brutus, Clam, Code, Crash, Currency, Daddy, Decathlon, Dexter Sinister, Diary 16, Die Nacht, Dik, Dong, Dot Dot Dot, Double, Dynasty, edition fink, Eikon, Ein Magazin über Orte, Encens, Episode, Esopus, Eye, F.R. David, F-T-P, Facehug, Fairy Tale, Fantastic Man, Faund, Ffwd, Fillip, Flag, Foam, FormContent, Foto 8, Frieze, Frog, Fucking Good Art, Fukt, Futu, Gagarin, Gingko, Gomma, Graphic, Grafik, Granta, Grrrr, Guestroom, GLU, Hyphen Press, Innen, Intersection, Invisible Man, Iz Rock Pressings, JRP, JSBS, Kaiserin, Kantz, Kasino A4, Kaugummi, Kilimanjaro, Kiroku, Larry’s, Lars Muller, Laser, Liebling, Little More, Lodown, Lumen, Magazine, Material, Mat, Matt, MIT Press, Mode Depesche, Mono Kultur, Monografik, Mousse, Museum Paper, Napa, Nieves, Nuke, Nusign, October, Odds&Ends, O.K. periodicals, OK Fred, Onomatopee, Open City, Pablo Internacional, Palais/, PAP, Paper Monument, Paperback, Paradis, Peperoni, Perspecta, Picnic, Piktogram, Pin Up, Powerhouse, Prefix, Presspop, Printed Matter, Proximity, Purple Fashion, Purple Journal, Qompendium, Qvest, Rafskinna, Revolver, Rollo Press, Roma Publications, Salon, Sang Bleu, Seems, Self Service, Shobo Shobo, Site, Sleek, Specialten, Spector, Spin, Starship, Steidl, Sternberg Press, Stream, Tar, Tate Etc, Texte zur Kunst, Textfield, the journal, The Mock and other superstitions, The National Grid, Tissu, Trace A Face, Truce, Typotheque, Ubos, Ultra Violet, Umelec, Unagi, Uovo, Used Future, Useless, Utrecht, Very, Volt, Wad, Wear, Westphalie, Whitewall, Yummy, Zing, Zoetrope (…)"

you can find almost anything you want there.

man i love it.

(found this wonderful store through here, which i was browsing through)