I am Fuel, you are friends, we got the means to make amends

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends is my favourite music blog in the world, hands-down. it's where i discovered brandi carlile, paolo nutini, sufjan stevens, conor o'berst, ryan adams, beulah, okkervil river, pearl jam (yes, one decade too late)....

it was early 2005 and i was feverishly in love with music and hungry for songs. my ears were wide open. i listened to everything i could get my hands on. i spent hours and days and months listening to music, exploring, riding on the wave of my youthful enthusiasm. i think, in those days, i truly believed that music would change the world. so you can imagine how i devoured heather's blog. she wrote about music she'd just heard in a car radio or at a friend's house, and she would tell stories that made you listen to the music in a different way.

and the amazing thing is, so many years on, she's still talking about music, still dreaming about music. her blog is still written by her alone. she's still going on road trips to catch gigs by her favourite bands. her readership is massive now, for sure, but it's still all about the music.

well.....go and check out I Am Fuel, You Are Friends for yourself. maybe it won't mean the same to you, but for me, i will always be reminded of 2005, of being 19 and still dreamy, still hopeful.

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