thank you, mr. postman

awhile ago, my friend C told me a story about how her friend, Xiaoling, had gone to Nepal and fallen in love with the kids from the local orphanage.

when Xiaoling found out that the sponsor of the orphanage was not sending over enough money (apparently, due to the economic crisis, no one was donating money), she took it upon herself to raise funds for the orphanage.

she came up with the idea of selling postcards, printed with pictures of the children from the orphanage.

i don't know Xiaoling personally, i have never seen these lovely kids, Nepal is half a world away, and maybe we will never find out the actual impact of our actions - but who knows? maybe we could play a part in changing someone's life with a few dollars. i think it's worth a try.

you can now buy the postcards from our store. every postcard costs $5, or you can also purchase 3 postcards for $10. all proceeds will go directly to the orphanage in Nepal (the name of the orphanage is Murry English School, located in Chitwan Nepal).

for more info about this fund-raising project and Xiaoling, please visit here.