the dream of a chaotic city

yesterday i dreamed that i died. i think it's the first time i felt like i really died in a dream.

again, i was caught in a chaotic, burning city. from out of nowhere the city was getting bombed. buildings were hit and were crumbling. we were on the top floor of an apartment building (perhaps the penthouse -- even in a dream also must be rich!), and i was watching the bombs fall all over the city.

suddenly, one huge bomb came hurling towards us. as with all life-changing moments, it happened in an instant and yet felt like a lifetime. the bomb was coming at us in slow motion. all i could think in my head was, "SHIT. I'm really going to die this time."

and then the bomb reached us, smashing through the glass windows of our apartment and igniting on impact. there was a huge explosion of light and sound and debris. i didn't feel any pain, just the flooding of the light, and then SILENCE. and then, damn amazingly enough, i felt ALL my baggage, all the stress of being alive, all my worries, all my burdens, instantly relieved. like i had suddenly become WEIGHTLESS.

the thing was, i was confused whether this was happening in the dream or for real (i forgot that in real life i don't live in an apartment! haha). i thought, shit, am i really dead? and so i kept trying to open my eyes and wake up, but i couldn't. i was just surrounded by white noise and infinite weightlessness.

then i slipped into another dream, of monsters and more chaos.


September 9, 2009 at 1:17 PM k said...


September 11, 2009 at 11:18 PM Anonymous said...

i dreamt that i was dead before too,
i even saw my whole ceremonial process. gee it was creepy, i woke up and started crying for a whole hour. :X