casual poet classroom: sunday japanese class with masa-san

from this sunday, 5 july onwards, you may now spend your late sunday afternoons lazing in our store, drinking tea, and learning the basics of japanese with the very lovely masa-san, our friend from tokyo, and at the same time make some new friends ;)

masa-san's sunday japanese class will last for a total of 6 days - one class every sunday. you may join and drop out anytime. the entrance fee can paid at the door on the day itself.

if you're attending any of the classes, please drop us an email at shini[at] beforehand to let us know, so we know how many people to expect :)

(if you've always wanted to start learning japanese, this is your chance - and of course, this will be quite the opposite from your usual japanese language class - you can expect it to be a casual, relaxed and comfortable experience!)


A Brief Class Outline

Week 1: Hiragana and greetings

Week 2: Katakana and very basic words

Week 3: Numbers, calculations & purchases

Week 4: Eating at a Japanese restaurant

Week 5: Travelling in Tokyo

Week 6: Akihabara culture + Movie Screening

* 3-5 pages of worksheets will be given out for practice and reference
* please bring writing material
* the outline is just a brief guide; masa-san might add/modify the contents as he wish


sunday japanese class with masa-san

Date: Sunday / 5, 12, 19, 26, 2, 9 July, 2009 (once a week)
Time: 5:10PM - 6:30PM (80 minutes)
Entrance fee: $20 per session (with one free drink & light snacks)
*please RSVP to shini[at] (this is important so we know how much food to prepare)

SEE you all on sunday! :)

* for the facebook event page, click here.


June 29, 2009 at 9:45 PM Hello Sandwich said...

Ow that sounds so lovely! I wish that Sydney cafes had something as lovely as this! xxx
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

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