adventurers & travelers

at first glance, you might think Surfing Cowboys is nothing more than a super-cool, super-chill surf shop, but this store in Venice Beach, California, is actually way more than that.

the store is run by a couple of ex-commercial photographers who are also "adventurers and travelers, loving our time on the road, zipping around on scooters, and riding the surf". they started the store in 1998 with a collection of eclectic, soulful furniture and items that they had first intended to decorate their Californian home with. later, they turned their photo studio into a shop, selling vintage surf boards and beautiful furniture pieces and items from around the world, at the same time selling a dream - a dream for the open road, for the ocean, for the freedom to live however we might wanna live. and in California, everything, include those dreams, is possible.

it's super wonderful, isn't it?

* Surfing Cowboys