Polymath & Crust

if you don't already know, BooksActually has a new store and it's called Polymath & Crust! this sister store specializes in non-fiction titles, with an excellent collection of travel fiction (one of my favourite types of books) and biographies and books on natural science and history and so on. i know because i was one of the kiasu people who checked it out the first day the store opened ;p

i can't believe this is happening, though. an independent (stylish, idiosyncratic, whimsical, clever) bookstore focusing on non-fiction titles in SINGAPORE? no, we're not dreaming. it's really happening.

so please, go check out Polymath & Crust, say hi to Kenny & Karen the super booksellers, buy some books, and then go back again! support small local businesses!

Polymath & Crust (located literally a street away from BooksActually)
No. 86 Club Street
Singapore 069454
+65 6222 9195

(i wish i had some photos to show, but i was too shy to bring my big camera to Polymath & Crust)