You Gotta Love Nieves

there is an exhibition for Nieves Books currently going on at New York's Printed Matter. oh how i wish i could be there!

(Nieves is a one-man independent publishing house from Switzerland that has been publishing zines and artist books since 2004!)

this is the Nieves office/studio in Zurich.

(all photos by Nieves)

well, you gotta love Nieves for making people take zines seriously. by publishing artists' work in the form of zines (instead of the conventional book form, which is expensive and heavy and sometimes too serious), Benjamin Somerhalder has managed to distribute the work of artists to a far wider audience and in a much more inexpensive way. so artist books are suddenly more accessible and more artists get to show their work to more people. everybody wins!

again, we gotta love Nieves for that!

(to show our love, we also stock some of Nieves' zines/books in the store!)