White Rainbow / A Photo Exhibition by Gu Fan

we're happy to announce that we'll be hosting an exhibition by gu fan (of good morning light) from 16 march - 13 april 2009.

"The title of the exhibition is 'white rainbow'. Actually, there is no special meaning behind why we chose this title. Perhaps we only meant it as a symbol. The 'white rainbow' that we see is both pure and colorful; it seems to exist and yet it seems to be an illusion; it is simple, yet mysterious.... that's all."

"照片展览的名字是:white rainbow。没有什么特别的含义,只是一个意象,就是我们眼睛所看到的 white rainbow,是纯净的,也是多彩的,是真实的存在又很虚幻,是简单的又带有神秘感。。。仅此而已。"

about good morning light:
"good morning light is founded by gu fan and tinkle, based in beijing. gu fan is a boy and tinkle is a girl. what good morning light does is based on the love for books, photos, drawings and music."

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