too much inspiration on a sunny tuesday afternoon

(sweet vintage kid-sized chairs - i don't really care if i can fit into them, i just want to have them in my selfish possession)

i have been a huge fan of Three Potato Four since forever. this awesome little online store is run by a little family of three from Northern Virginia, including baby Holly. the goods they stock are - oh how shall i put it? well, let's put it this way - an idle visit to their store will inevitably inspire you to spend a whole lot of money. you will want to buy everything on their inventory, and you will also want to buy a little something for your close friends & loved ones (but of course this is only an excuse so you can keep shopping).

yes, Three Potato Four inspires awe. and love. i am always surprised at Janet and Stu's (the forces behind the store) ability to source out the most amazing stuff, like this "60's Meat & Veggies Enamel Cooking/Steamer Pot", which i love so very much (i like all things housewifey):

for vintage-lovers, especially, i think Three Potato Four is the ultimate guilty pleasure. their collection of vintage finds is whimsical and delightful and fun and sometimes sentimental.

and i suppose we all have a weakness for scientific graphs and charts and vintage maps and old-school illustrations:

for more heartaching goodness, visit the Three Potato Four online store.

feel free to buy something for me!

*all photos by Three Potato Four


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