Smoking Dope with Thomas Pynchon: A Sixties Memoir

i came across this poignant essay about Thomas Pynchon, the writer, some time back, and i really wanna share it with all of you. more than an essay, it is also a time machine, transporting us back into the frenzy and confusion and excitement and sweetness and explosive joy of the 1960s (i wasn't born in time for the sixties, but it didn't stop me from falling with the beatniks and joni mitchell and nico and the whole decade in general).

"This is a story about the sixties: it's about me and some friends of mine, it's about Berkeley, and it's about Pynchon. It's about a decade in which we were all young together and thought we would stay young forever. Berkeley was our Vineland, a dream of a perfect new world. The time was ripe, America was ours, and we were going to change the world: Paradise Now or Apocalypse Now.

Neither one happened. As the decades pass, is anything left of that refuge, that Vineland, apart from memory and isolated dreams? Where are the sixties now? Where are we? And where is Thomas Pynchon?"

if you're interested in reading on, here's the full essay.