The Monocle Shop

yes, The Monocle Shop exists. it is located just off London’s Marylebone High Street, and you can find every issue of Monocle there, as well as other select-store-knick-knacks. (for an asian version of this, visit the ppaper shop in taipei).

i wasn't surprised to hear about this, because it's becoming more and more common for publications to open a spin-off store. a few months ago, i walked into the national geographic store in a local shopping mall, thinking that it was only a temporary exhibition until one of the shopkeepers kindly told me that it was a retail store. can you believe it - an actual the national geographic store, complete with the skeleton of a dinosaur at its store-front!

when are we going to see a Wallpaper Store or a Purple Store or a ACNE Store or a.... Lines & Shapes store? now that'd be quite interesting.


March 24, 2009 at 5:10 AM Anonymous said...

The relatively new NatGeo flagship store in London is pretty awesome too. When you order drinks/food at their cafe, you feel like you're an explorer because of the plates/bowls they use.