Melrose & Morgan

we live in futuristic times. our lives are fast and our days sometimes whiz us by in a blur, and sometimes we simply forget that life is full of simple, rustic joys.

Melrose & Morgan is a kitchen & grocery store in London, and what they do is, they remind you of how delightful a meal can be.

their store features an open kitchen - meals are prepared in front of the customers and you can choose to eat at the coffee bar or bring the food home. it's a little bit like walking into the house of a friend who happens to be a delightful cook.

other than prepared meals, Melrose & Morgan also offers fresh produce, so you can go home with an armful of fresh vegetables and poultry and cook up a storm for your loved ones.

the photography on their website is absolutely beautiful. eggs have never looked this good!

Visit Melrose & Morgan's website.