Geylang Drama

(photography & poster design by lin weidong)

my friends and i will be going for the preview of 《不知岛的欲望》(ignorLAND of its Desires) this friday. it's going to be performed right on location in Geylang....sounds very exciting! hopefully we can take some photos and do some live reportage of that night!

must support dramabox (and rei poh!). haha.


一说到芽笼, 你脑海里最先浮现的是什么画面?

• 聆听、观看、感受芽笼的“神。色。食。史”。
• 艺术总监 Artistic Directors:李邪 Li Xie、郭庆亮 Kok Heng Leun
• 导演 Directors:杨君伟 Danny Yeo、许婉婧 Koh Wan Ching、傅正龙 Rei Poh
• 3位导演、3部短剧、1个地方。

Why do you come to Geylang?

What comes to your mind first when Geylang is mentioned?

Previously, “IgnorLAND of its name” brought you on an excavation trip for lost memories of places and structures. This time, Drama Box is bringing you on a foot trail around Geylang to explore and feel the Food, Sex, History and Gods of Geylang.

Join us to see, hear and feel for yourself!

• Artistic Directors: Li Xie, Kok Heng Leun
• Directors:Danny Yeo, Koh Wan Ching, Rei Poh
• 3 directors, 3 plays and 1 place.

演出日期 Performance Dates:
26/03/2009, 星期四 Thurs (预演Preview)
2 - 4/04/2009, 星期四 – 星期日Thurs – Sun (正式演出Actual Performance)

时间 Time: 7.30 p.m.

聚集点Meeting Points#
A. HighPoint Halfway House @ No. 1 Lorong 23 Geylang
B. 曾邱公会Chan Khoo Kong Huay @ No. 29 Lor 29 Geylang
Audiences who meet at Point A will be dismissed from Point B and vice-versa.

票价Ticket Prices*:
• $10 (预演 Preview), $15

现在就向GATECRASH购票! Get your tickets from GATECRASH now!
只须上网Simply visit 或拨电or call 6100 2005

您也可到邮政局、S.A.M 自动机及电力站售票处购票!
Tickets also available at all SingPost outlets, S.A.M. Kiosks and The Substation Box Office.

*不包括GATECRASH 行政费 excludes GATECRASH ticketing fee

**级别等待分晓 Rating to be advised"


March 29, 2009 at 10:54 PM Anonymous said...

just wondering if you know how the meeting point works. if i start at A, does the performance continue at B or what? im a little confused.

March 30, 2009 at 10:41 PM R said...

hi, yes both performances are on simultaneously.

if u start at point A, after the first part of the performance you will be given directions to point B, where the performance will continue, and vice versa.

hope that makes things clearer ;)

January 11, 2010 at 1:56 PM Anonymous said...

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February 20, 2010 at 4:32 PM Anonymous said...

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