x'mas eve movie screening + little beer party // 24 dec 2008

this christmas eve, we will be holding a little beer party + movie screening in our store.

well, but even though we call it a "beer party", you don't really have to come and drink beer.

and even though it's a movie screening, who said you have to sit down quietly and watch the movie?

maybe we can hide in a corner and start a fantastic conversation with each other for the first time.

or maybe you might meet someone that night, and your life is forever changed as a result of that chance meeting....

haha i'm thinking too much...

oh well, come join us! it's gonna be fun ;)


i'm sure everyone has watched this movie a couple of hundred times, but i still think it's a wonderful classic, and a movie that can be rewatched again and again.

i have always felt that this movie has the ability to make us feel good about life, plus it's always great fun to watch it together. so let's have a good laugh together and forget our worldly problems at least for a night....at least on this very special night. ;)


Date: 24 DECEMBER 2008

Time: 8:00PM TILL LATE
(movie screening will start at 9:00PM)

Ticket: SGD15.00 PER PERSON
(one free drink -- including alcoholic drinks)

* to buy tickets, please call our shopkeepers at 6221-5022 or book via the internet at shini@casualpoet.com

tickets will be sent out via mail or you can choose to collect it at the store or at the door on the day itself.


December 17, 2008 at 5:58 PM Anonymous said...

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December 18, 2008 at 2:45 PM Anonymous said...

Hi, i was having lunch at your cosy little place today and really enjoyed myself very much. Nice food, exellent ambiance and great music!

Thanks for being an inspiration!CasualPoet has lifted my spirit of the day! Have recommended by friend and hope u will see them tomorrow!

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