friday movie session #3: Interview with the Vampire (1994)

we've changed our mind again -- there's no need to RSVP for this friday's movie night. please bear with us while we experiment with how to do this movie night thing! =p

so feel free to join us, but this time, please bring a friend along in case you need to hug someone! we will be screening the very underrated but awesome "Interview with the Vampire", starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Kirsten Dunst (i love her!).

warning: in case there're too many people, we hope you don't mind not having a table and having to sit on the stool/floor..! it's actually nice sitting on the floor, according to some of our friends. and also, please don't mind if shopkeeper R starts the movie suddenly without a word. she's just very shy!!

the trailer is very tempting (and Brad Pitt is very hot as a vampire!):

"Anne Rice's best-selling romantic horror tale about the origins of a centuries-old vampire inspired this popular, atmospheric chiller. One of director Neil Jordan's major Hollywood productions, the film stays close to its source material, retaining the frame of a young reporter (Christian Slater) interviewing a man who claims to be a 200-year-old vampire. The man, Louis (Brad Pitt), shares his story, beginning in 18th-century New Orleans with his first encounters with the charismatic and decadent vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise). Lestat converts Louis to blood-sucking and immortality, but Louis fails to adopt Lestat's cavalier attitude, instead tormenting himself with guilt over his new nature. The two vampires remain deeply, if reluctantly, connected over the years, while becoming intimately involved with others of their kind, including Claudia (Kirsten Dunst), a mature immortal in a young child's body."

title: Interview with the Vampire (1994)
running time: 123 mins
language: English/French
screening date: Friday, 28 november 2008
time: 7:30pm onwards

once again, there's no need to RSVP, simply drop by! hope to see you this friday night!


November 24, 2008 at 12:53 PM Anonymous said...

i got no one to hug :((
i think ill bring my crochet & sit behind with suiyimama..hahaa

November 24, 2008 at 1:16 PM R said...

hahaha so poor thing. i knit with u!

November 28, 2008 at 1:15 AM Anonymous said...

hey! urgh! its one of my favourite books and I've yet to watch this movie, but I've got something on again. good luck with friday screenings (:

December 1, 2008 at 6:01 PM Thrill-seeker said...

waht movie are screen this friday? (7th dec) i wish i got time to make it down last friday for "interview with an vampire" :(

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