good morning light

good morning light is our new friend from beijing.

their photographs are like a dream.

so far, they've released 2 little books, which will be available at our store very soon. we will also be collaborating on something, please check back for more news in awhile :)

they have an online exhibition entitled "morning snow afternoon sleep" up on their website. the photographs featured are sweet, understated and calming.

this is how they describe themselves on their website:

"good morning light is founded by gu fan and tinkle, based in beijing.
gu fan is a boy and tinkle is a girl.
what good morning light does is based on the love for books, photos, drawings and music.
we publish the books of our own and the works we like.
our approach of the publication is one-on-one with the artists to show the speciality of each individual.
being simple and natural is our way."

they feel like a visual version of a bedroom twee-pop band.

please go and find out more about them and their wonderful work on their website.