A Year of Mornings

on the morning of january 1, 2007, two women -- mav & stephanie -- started to document their mornings together, even though they were 3191 miles apart (one of them living in Maine, and the other in Oregon). every morning, for a year, they took a photograph each and shared it on their blog.

this project has since been published into a book titled "A Year of Mornings". you can go to their website to read more about this lovely book!

this project also made me fall in love with mornings and the art of breakfast... don't you love how the sun is always softer in the morning? don't you love the fresh air that meets your skin when you step out of your house at 7 in the morning? don't you just love having a cup of fresh milk right after dawn breaks?

it's just such a magical time!

so this is why we'd like to invite all of you to our store for breakfast this Sunday, so we can celebrate the beauty of mornings! everyone is welcome, although you've to be warned that there're limited seats and you might end up having to eat breakfast with a complete stranger...but at least then you'll walk out of our store with a new friend! hehe we're cunning!

we really hope to see you guys at the store this Sunday! bring along your favourite breakfast reading material (for some it's newspapers, for me it's anything with words on it).

PS: "A Year of Mornings" will be available at our store in awhile, so look out for it :)

oh yes, mav and stephanie have also gone on to start a new project...and yes, they're now documenting their evenings! click here to get addicted!


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