my favourite stores (part 1 of an endless series) (updated with links)

i have a fetish for stores and the way they look. just wanna share some of my favourite storefronts from all over the world, go visit them if u have the chance!

the linnet shop

address: 562 Kikuyacho
Aneyakojidori Tominokoji nisiiru

this is actually a shop that sells linen and fabrics. i love its muted color scheme, almost too pretty! japanese stores all seem to have this lovely aesthetic abt them.


address: 9 dragon road, tin hau
hong kong

i absolutely LOVE kapok! it's a select shop in Hong Kong run by Arnault, a frenchman. i went to kapok the last time i was in HK and i almost didnt wanna leave (i was the only one in the store, other than Arnault. haha). kapok regularly organizes alot of great exhibitions and showcases a wonderful range of products, from candles to t-shirts to stationery. sadly, it has been forced to move to a new location. but i'm sure the new place will be as wonderful as the old one at the charming dragon road ;)

have a booday shop

address: 103 臺北市大同區南京西路25巷18-1號

have a booday shop is run by a bunch of taiwanese designers. the first floor is the store itself, where they sell their very own booday t-shirts, lifestyle products, stationery, books, etc. there is a cafe on the second floor. the third and fourth floors are the booday office/studio. i love the atmosphere and more importantly, their philosophy that it is important to appreciate the simple pleasures in life!

alright thats all for today! have a good (boo) day!


June 16, 2008 at 1:28 AM Anonymous said...

perhaps you could give a link or something to their site... or their address.. (too lazy to google)

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