[new arrival] 一個人遠足

A gorgeous illustrated book by Wang Chuen Tz, printed on hard stock paper and bound by a thick rubber band.

Chuen Tz produced this book after she spent months travelling alone in Europe, hopping between London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, amongst other cities. This book is a record of that journey.



“直到真正開始旅行,才知道我不如自己想像的勇敢。 剛開始還為旅途的緊張而沮喪過,後來就慢慢習慣了, 時間長了,有時候還以為將永無止盡的旅行下去;原本以為自己做不到的, 一旦身在其中或正在進行,就變成像日常生活一樣。”


王春子部落格 / Chuen Tz's blog




3. 微微傾斜 阿姆斯特丹

4. 一隻張嘴的熊 柏林

5. 金光閃閃的 巴黎

6. 回家

inside the book:

Price: SGD$12

these lovely little books are finally available at our little online shop!


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