Lines and shapes...connect us

i'm in love with this book/magazine and i'm sure you will fall in love with it too. they're coming to the shop very, very soon! can't wait!

in their own words:

"LINES & SHAPES started as an idea to get artists together in a collaborative effort toward something... and we certainly did have many ideas of what that "something" might be. after mulling it all over extensively, we landed our fingers, literally, on books. our book collections seem to be growing and growing; books excite us! so we are now humbly and modestly, setting out to create our own books which we hope will be picked up over and over again as inspirational pieces.

each of the L&S books, starting with six volumes this first year, will have a different visual theme and a different group of artists featured. our books will be made out of simple ideas and effort, and we hope to grow in lots of different ways as the year goes on.

thank you for visiting!

—lena corwin & maria vettese"

Lines & Shapes website


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