La Jeunesse


"La Jeunesse was founded in Hong Kong in 2006 primarily as an independent stationery label by Benedict Leung. It is an one man project. All printing products of La Jeunesse are essentially handmade in Hong Kong in the traditional way (technically and aesthetically), and are produced in fairly small quantity per pressing."

holding each La Jeunesse notebook in your hand, you can feel the love that went into its production, from its sweet retro illustration, hand-stitched spine to its lovely paper quality and careful attention to detail, like the extra supplementary tables at the back of the notebooks ("Multiplication 1-12", "Alphabet 1-26", "Months of a Year", etc) . my personal favourite is the hard back College Exercise book, whose deliciously yellowed and lined pages make me want to NOT stop writing!

La Jeunesse stationery are now available at our online shop!

believe me, you will fall in love once you get one of these in your hands.


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